FlexNet® X-SPAN® NDicator™

The improved stretch net reaches 50% elongation while keeping its original width, and therefore enlarges wrapping surface. FlexNet® X-SPAN® NDicator leads the way in both agricultural and industrial settings due to its very high elongation and aggressive memory.

* For more information about NDicator please visit: www.ndicator-pallet-net.net


Brand NameWidthLengthRolls per Pallet
FlexNet® X-SPAN® NDicator50cm3,800m32
FlexNet® X-SPAN® NDicator75cm2,640m32


X-SPAN® Technology

The X–SPAN® Technology is a real revolution in the pallet net world, since the net stretches further than before without losing width. The patented X-SPAN® products feature higher elongation, better load security, and maximum air flow, while maintaining the original width of the net after elongation. This means more wrapped loads per roll, better coverage with less wraps, faster wrapping cycles, and superior load stability.
X–SPAN® nettings lead the way in both agricultural and industrial applications. These nets are highly elastic and stretch from 20% to more than 50%, yielding more wrapped loads per roll.


The latest addition to the product line, available as a commercial product since 2011, is the NDicator™, a visual elongation pointer which makes getting optimal elongation simple and easy. The NDicator™ is a simple to use yet a smart invention, that lets the net itself tell you when optimum elongation is achieved.

Features & Benefits

Air Flow

All of Tama’s pallet nets allow nearly 100% air circulation.

Elasticity and Elongation

FlexNet® X–SPAN® NDicator™ is highly elastic and stretches at least 50% for better grip and many more wrapped loads per roll.

Width Keeping

FlexNet® X-SPAN® NDicator™ keeps its width when stretched as much as 50%, allowing better stability of the load, less wraps for more wrapped pallets and faster cycle – saving time and money!


FlexNet® X-SPAN® NDicator™ grips every corner and curve, compensating for gaps and bridges over them, most suitable for uneven loads.


FlexNet® X-SPAN® NDicator™ keeps the shipment integrity in the harshest shipping conditions.

Versatility & Adaptability

FlexNet® X-SPAN® NDicator™ can be used for all types of shipments in manual or machine applications, and is adaptable to most existing wrapping machines and brake systems.


Even when wrapped over the top by as little as one inch, FlexNet® X–SPAN® NDicator™ secures the pallet from the top as well as from all sides.

Environmentally Friendly

More wrapped pallets, and less waste. FlexNet® X-SPAN® NDicator™ is totally recyclable.


Tama X-SPAN® Pallet Net With NDicator

Tama X-SPAN® Pallet NET with the all new NDicator now on YouTube!
You can see all the revolutionary features of the net that does the thinking for you.