about tama

tama overview

Tama – an enterprise of Kibbutz Mishmar Ha’emek and Kibbutz Gal’ed – was founded over 70 years ago.
Since then, Tama has grown and developed, while remaining close to its origins at the heart of a working agricultural community. The vibrant combination of modern agricultural practices and cutting-edge manufacturing technology and old farming values, have made Tama a world renowned company that now employs over 1,700 people worldwide.

tama Roots

For more than 90 years, members of the Kibbutz have been rising at the crack of dawn to farm the land. This background is what enables Tama to understand and share the farming way of life. Tama stewardship is now in the hands of the third generation of the kibbutz, which inherited this rich legacy and proudly carries on its founders’ vision for the future.

tama Research and development

Tama continually invests significant efforts in renewing and improving Tama products and production methods so that farmers and contractors may benefit from a product that best suits their needs. All Tama products are developed and tested in Tama’s own fields — so Tama know how to identify the issues that their customers have to deal with every day, and Tama can work tirelessly to provide the best solutions. The vast experience accumulated by Tama’s Research and Development Department in working with both agricultural plastics and machinery, gives Tama a unique position as a leading supplier of agricultural packaging.