Tama Netfilm, a solution for every product

All-around ventilation

Allows great aeration even when overlapped

All-around grip

Excellent grip on goods for full stabilization

All-around visibility

Ensures a sturdy good looking pallet

All-around compatibility

Suitable for all types of wrapping machines

All-around responsibility

Eco-friendly product with less plastic and minimum waste.

For Wrapping Machine

We offer various length and various stretch levels:

Pre Stretched

NetFilm 205500 m32 Rolls

Pre Stretchable

ProductLengthMinimum ElongationPallet
NetFilm 2001900 m200%40 Rolls
NetFilm 2501700 m250%40 Rolls

For Manual Use

NetFilm 20 Manual785 m4 Rolls224 Rolls
NetFilm 20 Manual (3” core)785 m4 Rolls224 Rolls
NetFilm 20 Manual (2” core)785 m6 Rolls288 Rolls

Environmental Info

All-around environmental responsibility
Biggest holes -> Much Less plastic
Closed loop production -> Maximum reuse of production waste
Longer rolls -> Less cardboard cores used
Compact packaging -> Less storage space
Efficient and clean production -> Minimum carbon footprint and no air pollution



Products that require refrigeration and fast freezing

Food & drink

Products such as dairy, meat, beverages and canned food

Fresh produce

Fresh products such as produce that require ventilation


Building materials and chemicals

Heating materials

Firewood and more