John Deere stretch film

John Deere stretch film

The John Deere stretch films meet the highest quality standards and withstand extreme loads.


Roll Size Number of Layers Number of Wraps Number of Bales per Roll Colour
750mm x 1500m 6 layers with 50% overlap 24 22 green

Features & Benefits

UV stabilized

The highly effective UV stabilizer of John Deere XtraFilm films protects the film for at least 12 months.

Best adhesive properties

Thanks to the outstanding adhesive properties of the John Deere XtraFilm films, a tight seal of the bales is guaranteed. Dense bales optimize the silage process.

7 layers

John Deere XtraFilm plastic is a 100% virgin polymer 7-layer, coextruded film of outstanding tear resistance.

High puncture and tear resistance

The uniform and high-quality construction of the John Deere XtraFilm film (25μm) gives the films outstanding puncture and tear resistance.