ecobull® preferred

Ecobull Preferred 3600m

Ecobull® Preferred 3600m

Ecobull®  has been developed for all contractors and farmers who are looking for a high quality product at a very attractive price. Only the latest production machines and best raw materials are used in the production of Ecobull® .


Product Name Roll Length Width Mass Role / Pal
Ecobull® Preffered 3600m 123cm 34.5kg 28

Features & Benefits

Right left indicator

Helps to properly insert into the press and shows the unwinding direction on the finished bale.


For comfortable carrying of the rolls.

Warning strip to roll end

The warning strip informs the driver that he has to prepare for a roll change.


At least 265kg.

Guaranteed minimum length

Each roll has a guaranteed minimum length and no "plus - minus" length specification.