Aspla Supergrass

Aspla SuperGrass Stretch Film

Today’s market has high speed bale wrappers. These machines put a lot of stress on the agricultural films, and the films have to withstand these high forces without tearing. If you pack high-solids foods (hard stems), and especially square bales with protruding corners, you need a film with special properties that can withstand these boundary conditions.

The SuperGrass Agricultural Stretch Film was developed for use on high-speed packaging machines for the production of square bales. Thanks to its composition, SuperGrass is ideal for these applications.

  • Polyethylene 100% Oktene
  • Recyclable, durable plastic cores


Roll Size Number of Layers Number of Wraps Number of Bales per Roll Colour
750mm x 1500m 6 layers with 50% overlap 24 22 White, Green

Features & Benefits

tear strength

Foil is extremely tear-resistant with improved elasticity. Extremely high restoring force and excellent puncture resistance

UV stabilized

Resistant to rain, snow and frost, as well as 12 months UV-stable.


First-class gluing quality for sealed bales thanks to the GluePlus system!

seven layers

7-layer, co-extruded blown film, with automatic thickness control.

Quality assurance and production control

The production process can be tracked from the raw material to the final product. Excellent quality control is guaranteed.