Case IH Professional+

Case IH Professional+ 3800m | 4500m

The next generation of ZEBRA® round
bale nets A new dimension in the bale net with Bale+ technology: 50% more run length with an easy-to-handle roll weight . 
Case IH Professional 4,500m is still running when other roles need to be replaced. The new Bale+ technology reduces the share of spare rolls, needed storage space, packaging waste and net waste in equal parts.


Product NameRoll LengthWidthOuter DiameterRole / Pal
Case IH Professional+4500m123cm29cm28
Case IH Professional+3800m123cm27cm28


Edge to Edge

The TamaNet Edge to Edge  is made with Tama’s unique Edge to Edge technology, which guarantees full bale coverage of all round bales, creating a perfect bale every time.


Bale+ is a combination of special raw materials and a unique manufacturing process. Only TAMA offers you the following advantages with this new technology:

  • ROLL LENGTH  – for full press utilization . Approximately 2 rolls provide enough net to squeeze a whole day.
  • ROLL WEIGHT  – the only technology with the ability to combine roll length and tear resistance with an easy-to-handle roll weight .
  • CONSISTENCY  – highest press performance, every day in every press and every pressed material.

Features & Benefits

ZEBRA® System

An easy identification for simple end-user handling benefit. The asymmetrical striping pattern across the width of the net gives the operator a very clear ‘left/right’ indicator when loading the net into the baler, and also shows clearly which way to unroll the bale when feeding out.

Roll Carry Handles

For easier and safer handling (patent pending).

Roll End Warning Stripe

A visible red stripe within the net to indicate the end of the roll is approaching, avoiding the risk of wrapping a bale with insufficient net available.

Guaranteed Minimum Length

Every roll contains the guaranteed stated length, not a “plus-or-minus” average.