Massey Ferguson Netwrap+

Massey Ferguson Netwrap+

3800m | 4500m

Massey Ferguson Netwrap+ saves time from loading the roll into the press until the bale rolls out. Top materials designed to solve problems before they arise give you more time for the important things.



Product NameRoll LengthWidthOuter DiameterRole / Pal
Massey Ferguson Netwrap+4500m123cm29cm28
Massey Ferguson Netwrap+3800m123cm28cm28

Features & Benefits

Zebra system

Direction Indicator - Helps to properly insert into the press and shows the unwinding direction on the finished bale.


For comfortable carrying of the rolls.

warning strip to roll end

70m before the end of the roll appears a red warning strip.!

Guaranteed minimum length

Each roll has a guaranteed minimum length and no "plus - minus" length specification.