sotrafa silacover

Sotrfa silacover

Silacover™ silage covers are made from high-quality polyethylene co-extruded multi layer black/white reflective film. Silacovers™ are UV protected for a minimum of 12 months. Available in two weights being Heavy Duty and Extra Heavy Duty for application in either finer pasture based or coarser maize type silage.


Product NameNew CodeOld CodeColourWidth/RollLength/RollWeight
Silacover79711250SILA1250HDBlack/White16 m50 mHeavy Duty

Features & Benefits

Premium quality

Manufactured using high quality materials.


High strength characteristics.

Impact resistance

Excellent impact resistance qualities.

constant film thickness

Consistent film thickness for better protection.

Superior opacity

Superior opacity

UV protection

12 months UV protection in Australian conditions.

Years of experience

Used in Australia for 15 years.