TamaWrap+ for Cotton

TamaWrap™+ for cotton

Tama’s rich experience in the manufacture of crop baling and our own familiarity with mechanical cotton harvesting on our farm, positioned Tama to cooperate with John Deere and develop a variety of wraps for cotton being baled as part of the harvest process.

TamaWrapcotton wrap was developed to complement the John Deere 7760 | CP690 | CS690 cotton harvesters that bale the cotton in a continuous process without stopping the harvester. This innovative wrap is specially designed to avoid the potential of plastic fragments and the risk of cotton contamination. It assures reliable automatic packaging for non-stop harvesting, helps to maintain the quality of cotton in round modules which are exposed to extreme conditions, and helps to eliminate waste.

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Wrap width 106 in. (2.70 meters)
Roll diameter 10 in. (25 cm)
Pallet width 2 ft. 3 in. (72 cm)
Core length 9 ft. 2 in. (2.8 meters)
Roll weight Approx. 220 lbs (100 kg)
Wraps per roll 24 wraps
Wrap length 69 ft. (21 meters)
Pallet length 9 ft. 3 in. (2.85 meters)
Rolls per pallet 9 rolls per pallet (216 wraps per pallet)
Pallet height 2 ft. 8 in. (85 cm)


Z–LOCK system

Tama’s unique Z-LOCK system provides 4 major benefits:

  1. The Z-LOCK system connects and separates each individual wrap on a roll, so the roll is made of 24 “ready to use” wraps.
  2. The Z-LOCK system assures the next wrap is ready to be fed correctly.
  3. The tapered structure maximizes the durability of the tail in windy conditions.
  4. Two types of specially designed adhesive secure the tail of a wrapped module in tough conditions and minimize the risk of cotton contamination.
TamaWrap+ Structure

Every TamaWrap+ wrap is made of two segments:

  1. The inner layers are a non-tacky film with particular properties which prevent cotton from sticking to the wrap.
  2. The outer layers are a special formulated film which is tacky on one side only.

The combination of these two types of film ensures that the round module will hold its uniformity for transport and processing.

Features & Benefits

Pre-Cut Wrap Portions

TamaWrap+™ is made of pre-cut wrap portions in order to avoid the potential of plastic fragments.

Over the Edge Coverage

Wrap goes over the edge to minimize cotton waste and exposure to rainfall, and holds tight the shoulders of the round module.

UV Protection

Modules wrapped with TamaWrap™+ can be left outside for a period of up to 6 months.

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)

Every wrap includes RFID tags to provide the capability to track the individual module through harvesting and processing, all integrated with the electronic systems of the 7760.


Each roll has its own ID number located inside the core, and on the leading edge of the first wrap. Each TamaWrap™+ has a unique serial number, located on the metallic label of the wrap.

Installation Mark

Every core is marked on its left hand side by black dots on the core and a label inside the core, to assist correct installation.

Gin Friendly

The TamaWrap™+ concept eliminates the constant maintenance and cost of the tarp. A savings in the production cost of the ginning process.


TamaWrap™+ is recyclable.