New Holland Premier Infinet+

New Holland Premier Infinet+ 3800m | 4500m

The new Infinet range brings better than ever performance, thanks to a unique new development in the manufacturing process.
Crop compressed in ever more dense bales reduces the use of packaging materials per ton of crop.
New technologies in the making of New Holland Premier Infinet+ enable better performance and longer length netwrap rolls. Save on packaging material used per ton and save on transportation, meter for meter, against all other types of netwrap.
New Holland Premier Infinet+, designed to make your baling easier and more efficient, is fully validated for New Holland balers, bringing consistency and trouble-free operation.
Now available in a full range of roll lengths. Choose the length that best suits your operation.


Product NameRoll lengthWidthRoll DiameterRoll / Pal
New Holland Premier Infinet+4500m123cm29cm28
New Holland Premier Infinet+3800m123cm27.5cm28


Edge to Edge Technology

Edge to Edge technology is a breakthrough created by Tama, which enables the net to maintain its width when feeding onto the bale, so covering the entire width of the bale. This unique ability gives the maximum protection to the crop as well as helping to maintain the bale’s shape, reducing crop loss when handling and making storage easier.

Bale+ Technology

A technology innovation by Tama that combines a special mix of advanced raw material with a unique manufacturing process,
providing the unique combination of:

  • MAXIMUM AVAILABLE ROLL LENGTH – for maximum baler utilisation (50% longer length than a standard 3000m roll).
  • ROLL WEIGHT – the ONLY technology able to achieve both roll length and netwrap strength within a workable roll weight.
  • ROLL CONSISTENCY – a uniform and consistent netwrap for continuous trouble-free operation.

Features & Benefits

ZEBRA® System

An easy identification for simple end-user handling benefit. The asymmetrical striping pattern across the width of the net gives the operator a very clear ‘left/right’ indicator when loading the net into the baler, and also shows clearly which way to unroll the bale when feeding out.

Roll Carry Handles

For easier and safer handling (patent pending).

Roll End Warning Stripe

A visible red stripe within the net to indicate the end of the roll is approaching, avoiding the risk of wrapping a bale with insufficient net available.

Guaranteed Minimum Length

Every roll contains the guaranteed stated length, not a “plus-or-minus” average.